What's Cooking

Get dinner done.

What's Cooking is an iPhone app to help you plan your meals and find something to eat.
Save your favourite meals and their recipe, ingredients, and an image.

What's Cooking Showcase


A beautiful Home screen, allowing you to quickly find a random meal.

Coming soon: a redesigned Home and "I'm Hungry" experience

Meal information

View all of the information you've saved about a meal, add its ingredients to your Shopping List, share with friends, and start Cooking Mode.

Add your Meals

Add as many meals as you'd like, each complete with ingredients, a recipe, cooking time, an image, and more.

Coming soon: add meals to multiple types, like Lunch and Dinner.

Meal Planner

Plan your meals for the week ahead, adding any saved meals you'd like to eat.

Shopping List

Add all of the ingredients from a meal to your shopping list, or add items individually. Check off and delete when you're purchased them.

Cooking Mode

Cooking Mode walks you through a meal's recipe, step by step, and allows you to set a timer quickly and easily.

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